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  • Scooby Doo on DVD

    I'm looking for advice as I'm trying to get hold off as much of the original series of Scooby Doo as I can on dvd, but am not sure which releases contain which episodes.

    I have the dvd 'Scooby Doo Where Are You' complete series 1 & 2 and 'The New Scooby Doo Movies' vol 1 (3 Stooges, Batman and Robin etc), but would love to get hold of all the 1970s episodes if possible.

    Anyone able to help with which titles to go with, or has nothing else from that period been released commercially?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Strangely enough, I was looking at much the same thing a couple of years ago, when my kids suddenly got into Scooby Doo when CBBC showed the original series. So I sought out more, in part because it was good entertaining stuff, and nostalgia is no bad thing! Actually, Scooby Doo is a model of rational thinking and deduction (Ok, so they get chased a lot) - Carl Sagan would have been proud.

    This is a,list of the various series - as you can see, its complicated! [URL][/URL] . The first two series and the movies aren't that difficult to get hold of (although its seems to be vol 1, so who knows about vol 2), but then it gets difficult. Part of the problem seems to be that there was no straight series progression , but instead all sort of series with different names, so its a bit haphazard.

    Dynomutt was the next series to the movies - [URL][/URL] - so its available, but its a Region 1 DVD, so you'll need a multi-region player (which is a right pain to get hold of) or (much easier), just use VLC on your laptop, which does multi region with no problem, and then network it to your TV.

    After that, it was 'Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics', which had 8 episodes. [URL][/URL] . There does seem to be a DVD of that series, whatever that series seems to be, but the release is a bit all over the place [url][/url] ,

    You can get the various parts on Amazon - [URL][/URL]

    Scooby's All-stars (the next series) isn't called that, of course - that would be easy. But its called the 3rd Season (yes, I know...) [URL][/URL] , and again, is a Region 1 DVD. After that there was Scooby Doo and Scappy Doo, which was released on DVD [URL][/URL] - [URL][/URL]

    And thats the 1970's. Then there is the 80's, and more Scrappy Doo.....

    Best source was the scoobydoo wikia [URL][/URL] and Wikipedia. This website has a straightforward list of the various series [URL][/URL] , There is a really good US website called TVshowsonDVD [URL][/URL] , which is really useful for tracking down possible releases of US shows - if its out there, then its possible to get it! Admittedly, a hell of a lot of it will be Region 1 DVD's , and if its a rare release, then prices might be sky high. A lot of us are trying to justify the full Hill Street Blues boxset which was released a couple of years back, even though its horribly pricey now, if you can get one.

    Good luck!


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      Wow, thank you so much for the very comprehensive answer!

      Glad it wasn't just me and that it really is complicated to sort through the various releases, but armed with this info I'll give it a shot.

      thanks again


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        Yes, it is really complicated, which probably stems from the various strands/groups of shows that the characters were used in. Add to that possible legal/sourcing problems in getting DVD releases, renaming/repackaging, etc, and yes, its a bit of a pain. We've got the 1st/2nd season, the 3rd, plus Scooby Doo meets Batman - I thought we had the movies as well, but I can't find it at the moment. But there are more, and being Region 1, you might have to not only look around a bit for older releases (Amazon new and used is handy), but find some way of playing region 1 discs.

        My kids didn't like Hong Kong Phooey or Top Cat that much, but my wife and I did! On the other hand, they are happy to watch Mystery Incorporated (being 13 and 10, they find the latest 'comic' ones a bit rubbish, but know quality when they see it), so perhaps we might splash out on the movies, etc.


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          Anything with Scrappy Doo in it can be avoided!!! :mad:


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            The co-creator of Scooby-Doo, Ken Spears, has died at the age if 82.