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SCREEN TWO: "Song of Experience"

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  • SCREEN TWO: "Song of Experience"

    Good morning or afternoon!

    I'm interested in the early work by director Stephen Frears, now best-known for films like [I]Dangerous Liaisons[/I] and [I]Florence Foster Jenkins[/I]. In particular I've been hunting for films (and TV work) Frears directed from the late 1960s through the mid-1980s.

    In [I]particular[/I] particular, I've had the most difficult time finding [B][I]Song of Experience[/I][/B], a 65-minute teleplay (written by Martin Allen) he directed for the series [I]Screen Two[/I], in 1986.

    I've included the IMDb page for further details. Could anyone help me acquire this rather obscure work?
    Directed by Stephen Frears. With Alan Bell, Paul Darlow, Trevor Moffat, Nigel Terry. As the Lady Chatterley court case puts its seal on the 1950s, three boys set out for a day's train-spotting. They see more than just trains, though, on a day when innocence and illusion are lost.