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A Place to Hide 1970s ATV drama

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  • A Place to Hide 1970s ATV drama

    I would love to see this again but not surprisingly it ain’t on Amazon or any site for that matter. Any ideas?

    Aired in 1976 on 6 Sunday afternoons ( The Big Match with Brian Moore) it was set in a remote guest house run by a former illusionist. When 3 new guests arrive (led by a scary looking Arthur White) and begin to behave suspiciously their hosts are unaware that the trio are on the run after stealing £100,000 in a bank robbery. Things escalate from there as the family unearths the truth and then seek to outwit the robbers in order to regain control.
    It also features Brian Capron who went on to become a Corrie super villain and Frances Tomelty.
    There is info on IMDb but no leads on how to see the series again.
    As a 12 year old at the time I recall the unease I felt watching the tension build and periodically I’m reminded of it. Normally I move on from the memory but this time I thought I’d try to track it down but if anyone can add more detail to the story I’d be interested to hear it.
    How did the family manage to get the money from the gang? A trick was used to double cross them but can’t recall what it was.
    Also can’t remember how it ended other than to say the gang were apprehended.

    Longest of long shots I know. Thanks for any help

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    The first episode can be purchased on this Network dvd...



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      Thank you. Oddly enough that DVD includes The Siege of Golden Hill - another TV show I had vague visual memories of but not much else.
      This search has uncovered a few other gems from my childhood. It’s clear children’s programming in the 70s would not happen now. Some of it was more than a little disturbing.

      The Changes - designed to scare kids away from electricity pylons presumably. Probably very tame now but remember it being quite unsettling.
      Children of the Stones - your everyday after school dose of psychic mind control, zombies and evil local Squire set in the quaint English countryside. Throw in the weird Avebury stones and the unnerving Stepford Wives style behaviour of the locals and you had a generation of kids who dreaded a family visit to Stonehenge. Brilliant all the same.


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        THE SEIGE OF GOLDEN HILL has been released in full by Network, though its sequel GOLDEN HILL is represented by the single surviving episode from a Umatic source, (quite watchable though).

        Network have a fair few of ITV’s children’s serials available, and not just the telefantasy ones.