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The Last Train (1999)

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  • The Last Train (1999)

    I'm looking to find a decent copy of this series. I've emailed Network and Simply Media and it appears they've had no luck releasing it, despite trying in the past, so black market it is! I've owned a copy of this series before, however it was a recording from ITV2 and the picture quality was terrible, kept lagging etc. I'm led to believe there is a copy doing the rounds that was recorded from the Sci-Fi Channel around 2005 that is far superior.. has anybody got this version? I'd really like to either purchase or trade.

    *If there's indeed another version, aside from the ITV2 and Sci-Fi channel recordings, then I wouldn't mind obtaining a copy of that also. Truly remarkable series The Last Train, the acting was a little hammy in places, but the story and music were absolutely spot on. Twenty years since it was broadcast next year, might have to do a little pilgrimage around all the filming locations to celebrate it.


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    The files I have are the Sci-Fi channel version - 6 x avi files (xvid/mp3) each 350MB in size, so they're around somewhere.


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      Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I'd actually forgot about this post. I'd very much like to obtain the Sci-Fi channel recordings from you, what would you be wanting for them?



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        I have the original ITV broadcasts, with various trailers, recorded off-air on S-VHS stereo. I doubt anyone has better copies.


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          Check your PMs lads.


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            Hey I agree with check your PMs lads.