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Frank Carson & Lenny Henry remember Blackpool

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  • Frank Carson & Lenny Henry remember Blackpool

    Does anyone recall the name of the Tv programme where Frank Carson & Lenny Henry (and one other person) are in a guest house in Blackpool reminiscing about their holidays and appearances in Blackpool?

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    There are quite a few titles that the IMDb lists with Frank Carson and Lenny Henry in. Have a look through these & see if they ring any bells



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      Frank Carson bought The Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool and ran it for many years. Back in the late 50s, early 60s, it was owned and run by my grandfather Jimmy Plant. He was a singer/comedian/compere on stage and radio... while he ran The Grosvenor, it became a popular place for artistes to stay while performing in Blackpool.
      I was in Blackpool for the summer of 1976, when my father Larry Noble was playing in the stage version of "Are You Being Served", in the role of Mr Grainger (played on TV by Arthur Brough). I got to see the shows at all the various theatres that summer. One of my favourites that year was The Black & White Minstrel Show. It was a great show, with songs, dancing and a number of top-notch variety acts. I don't remember the name of the trampoline act, but he was brilliant. He did a "drunk" act where the first half was full of comedy business about getting to the top of the diving board, which ended with him diving down behind a screen - which turned out to conceal a trampoline and he bounced right back up again. It brought the house down. Perfect timing and really knew how to work the crowd. The stand-up comedian that year was... Lenny Henry.