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A Day in Summer (Yorkshire TV, 1989)

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  • A Day in Summer (Yorkshire TV, 1989)

    Hi all, I have recently read the superb novel "A Day in Summer" by J.L. Carr. The edition I have is a TV tie-in edition which alerted me to the existence of a film. I have been unable to find any trace of any official release. Is anyone else also looking for this I wonder, and have they had any luck? The dramatisation has a great cast: Jack Shepherd, Peter Egan, John Sessions, Ian Carmichael, Jill Bennett... It's surprising it seems to have vanished without a trace. Many thanks, John

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    ps I think it was actually made in 1986, because that's the publication date of my book - perhaps the imdb entry is incorrect?


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      [QUOTE=JohnRoss78;n61058]ps I think it was actually made in 1986, because that's the publication date of my book - perhaps the imdb entry is incorrect?[/QUOTE]

      I have a copy, transferred from a VHS recording made on the original transmission day. PM me and I'll send you a DVD of it.

      The copyright year in the credits is 1989 [url][/url]. My parents happened to be passing through Masham (where most of the outdoor scenes were filmed) and saw the scene being filmed where Ruskin first sees Peplow walking across the deserted market place early in the morning.

      I like Ruskin's dry world-weary wit:

      "Give me back my legs. Tell me it was just a clerical error."

      "I do like pestering professional people out of hours"

      "Ah, Croser. Now he really *has* sinned - all *over* the place"

      "[to the statue of a man on a horse which is in the market square] And you, Sir Theodore Firbank, did you die a hero's death when you crash-landed that gallant charger? Or did you scream - like my navigator? No, don't tell me, Sir Theodore. I *know* the answer - it's always the same."

      I'm very surprised that ITV3 has never (AFAIK) repeated A Day in Summer. I wish they would then I could make a better copy without PAL and VHS artefacts.


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        I am also interested in obtaining a copy of A Day in Summer.


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          OK JohnRoss and BillyFarmer - PM me your details and I'll make you copies.