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  • Levkas Man TV series

    As my first item on the new set-up (and very well done to all those involved in the update) I will try once again to see if anyone can please help me with this TV series from 1981 starring Marius Goring and Robert Coleby. It would really be a coup if this bears fruit for me on the new set-up as I have searching for this for 15 years or more!

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    I interviewed Ken Cope in the early 90's and he recalled how he quickly tired of feta cheese while working on the series.


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      Well I tried again but even our great forum can't do this one for me. Like movies one of the problems of tv shows which were not made in tbe UK is establishing whose company vault they are held in. I tried the original production companies but got no response. Just down to chance now that whoever it is may find a dvd issue is worthwhile.


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        Have you tried Koch Media? A German company that has released UK co-productions and their UK favourites as DVDs. As you probably know Levkas Man was a co-production between UK/Germany/Oz.

        The British arm was Portman Productions a troupe that at the time went around the world making TV shows and gathering other backers. It consisted mainly of the writer Ian Stuart Black , James Gatward and Isobel Black ( who was Gatward's wife and Stuart Black's daughter).

        They had tie ups for distribution with Scottish Television for 'Star Maidens' and Southern Television for 'Enid Blyton's Famous Five' as further avenues for you to explore.


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          Many thanks for that Bert. I have emailed Koch Media and am keeping my fingers crossed!


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            I seem to remember this being rerun in the mid-80's around the regions in a lunchtime slot?