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Late Starter (BBC 1985) with Peter Barkworth

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  • Late Starter (BBC 1985) with Peter Barkworth

    Never been released on DVD. Does anyone have this 8 part series?

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    That's the series with Rowena Cooper as his wife. I'm sure I've seen it on Youtube somewhere, but a quick search doesn't find it, so I bet someone has hidden it so the BBC copyright chasers can't find it and take it down. Seems a bit dog-in-a-mangerish to remove something that has not been released on DVD and which therefore has no sales to be affected by the free copy on Youtube. Sadly copyright laws are not designed simply as a means of protecting commercial sales and royalties (ie so that "not released commercially" means "copyright protection is null and void").

    The fact that the various episode credits on [url][/url] are in alphabetical rather than on-screen order suggests that I may be wrong: if I'd found the series online I'd have put the credits in order on IMDB.