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    Hello old friends, have been off the radar now for quite some time, health issues, hope all well. I just wanted to ask, do any members know if any old episodes exist of 'The Flying Doctor' the early 60s? Best Scenesixty.

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    Good to see you back on the forum scenesixty. Sorry to hear you've had health issues & I hope you are well now.
    I can find no evidence of surviving episodes of "The Flying Doctor" on youtube.


    • scenesixty
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      Yes, wadsy thanking you. Scene.

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    I also wish you welcome back and hope you're feeling better as well. Is this the series you mean [URL][/URL]? If so, it was shot on film and apparently all 39 episodes exist, but not commercialy available. An ABC co-production, so relevant copyright holder probably still owns them. Maybe a polite email to Network DVD?
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      I’m old enough to remember The Flying Doctor as a programme on the old steam radio

      ”Flying Doctor calling Wollumboola base” :)



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        While that was being made, there was also a pilot for a 'Trader Horn' series shot with John Turner (as Horn) and James Hayter as his side-kick.


        Here are Alan White, Jill Adams and Richard Genning at ABPC.

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          One image I do recall from the original series was when Richard Denning as the good doctor retrieves a safety pin from a little girls throat.
          Funny how the memory picks things up!