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(Somewhere To Run) Thames 1989

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  • (Somewhere To Run) Thames 1989

    Teenagers Sarah (Weaver) and Debbie (Murdock) run away from home, before meeting shortly after arriving in London. Debbie, the older and more streetwise of the two, is running from a generally bad home life, where her family is poor and her father drinks excessively. Sarah is running from a more affluent home, where she has been sexually abused by her father (Jayston). Both girls stay at a hostel for runaways. Debbie manages to get herself into college, while Sarah unsuccessfully tries to get her father prosecuted, but is instead returned home by the authorities. She runs away again, and ends up on the streets selling herself. She attempts suicide by stepping out in front of a lorry, but is injured and ends up in hospital. The film ends as she lies in hospital, while in the background a radio plays. Debbie calls a request show asking for a dedication for Sarah, with whom she has lost touch.

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