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Simisola - Ch. Insp Wexford Mystery

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  • Simisola - Ch. Insp Wexford Mystery

    I have a commercial DVD of this episode of the Wexford stories (Ruth Rendell Mysteries series) - one of only 3 or 4 which were commercially issued on DVD. However, the story has been edited (butchered!) and was released at 103 minutes when the 3 episodes (less adverts) were each at 50+ minutes. I watched the DVD again recently and it was apparent that there were bits missing as the story came to a very quick conclusion and various connections in the plot were not explained. Given that the script was by Alan Plater it is impossible to believe he would have done such a poor job. I know this sort of 'cutting' is not unusual when DVDs are published but does anyone, by any chance, have a copy of the original 3 TV episodes (presumably recorded off tv). Please get in touch if you can help me. Plenty to exchange or will happily pay costs. Thanks


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    iOffers has a member offering all 23 Wexford's on DVD. They don't appear to be edited down but I'm sure an e-mail to the seller would answer all your questions. I can't speak for everyone but over the years I'v always got what I paid for through iOffers. Some good and bad quality but it always seemed to be reflected in the price.


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      Simisola is available, uncut, in Network's RUTH RENDELL MYSTERIES box set.



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        Many thanks for the responses - I will follow these up.


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          IIRC the tv screening was "sorta"'widescreen, and the Network disc is more along the lines of 4:3 - but not enough of a difference for me to save the off-air VHS I recorded at the time.