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    In Blackpool doing some more Sabrina family research but snapped this picture of what was the location of the original Grosvenor but now a car park.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	246.0 KB ID:	53195

    There is also another Grosvenor up for auction this Feb which was much smaller (lower picture). If I had a road name it would be easy to pin point which site exactly.

    Click image for larger version

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      Awww, that's a bit sad. I'll have to ask around if anyone has a pic of how it used to look.

      After you added the second pic, I can confirm that it was the first site. It was a big place, on a corner, on a main street that led from the beach inland toward the centre of town, close to the main market and the "Opera House".
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        The car park is at the corner of Cookson Street and Church Street. I believe that is the one that my Grandfather owned. Definitely not this one featured in a news story in 2010 ("The dirtiest hotel in Europe") it also has some of the best(worst) reviews on TripAdvisor that I've ever seen. Worth looking it up for the laughs.
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          I'm sorry to have hijacked "Sabrina Day" so much, but here is an end to my family sidetrack. I'll get it all into one post, hopefully, then we can get back to Sabrina and that amazing dance (available as a standalone clip on YouTube, or should I say "standout").

          Jimmy Plant was an entertainer from a young age, after quitting the apprenticeship he had at his father's hat-block factory (which was later turned into a museum of hat-block-making). After winning local talent shows with his singing, he ended up selling sheet music and appearing on stage doing music and comedy. He toured the Far East with his wife Elaine (who was in a singing act with her two sisters, known as The Rosslyn Sisters). The Best Man at their wedding was Tommy Handley. Jimmy Plant worked on Radio as compere for Workers Playtime and other variety shows. He worked as straight man for several comedians most notably the Scots comedian Dave Willis. He appeared together with the Band of the East Yorks Regiment and in variety at theatres all over the country. He was regularly in Panto, often in Glasgow. He appeared in a handful of films, but none of them stand the test of time (except for dedicated fans of a particular niche genre of English Variety Theatre). "Off The Dole" and "Demobbed" are available to buy apparently. In later years (1950s-1964) he took over the Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool and was the proud host to many visiting performers. That building was demolished in 2007 after falling into disrepair and the site is now a car park awaiting redevelopment. The Grosvenor was owned in the 1970s by Irish comedian Frank Carson.


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            As with all things Blackpool the theatrical history is massive so I'm sure Sabrina fans will not mind you adding to it. Thankfully those Mancunian Films all made DVD release and those lovely pictures speak for themselves. It gets a little earie wandering around some of the old sites of Blackpool or up in the loft of the theatres and you cant help but feel the presence of all the performers who walked the streets looking for digs or appearing on the many stages. It was monsoon rain the day I took the car park picture with a local recalling the hotel being on the site as I took it.

            Back to Sabrina.
            Well secured a few more on screen items of her and including House of the Black Death 1966 and a surprising Blu-Ray release Phantom Gunslinger 1970 so we keep collecting.