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  • The Avengers: Dead Man's Treasure Hunt

    The Avengers: Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt is an annual gathering of fans of The Avengers, The New Avengers and British filmed action/adventure TV series. Set in the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside that has been used extensively for exterior location filming on many filmed television productions, the event gives attendees the opportunity to meet fellow Avengers aficionados, visit familiar sites seen in the programmes, and take part in an exciting car rally/treasure hunt based on the one seen in The Avengers episode Dead Man’s Treasure.

    This year’s event will be the 31st Avengers Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Dead Man’s Treasure episode: filmed from 5 June to 11 July 1967, Dead Man’s Treasure first aired on 19 October 1967 (Rediffusion London) Timed to match the seasonal appearance of the episode’s filming locations during production, the Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt will be taking place on the weekend of July 8th & 9th, 2017. The event is set right in the heart of Avengerland, the Hertsmere area of Hertfordshire most commonly seen in location photography in The Avengers as well as many ITC action series including The Saint, Danger Man, The Champions, Department S, Randall and Hopkirk Deceased, UFO, The Protectors and Return of the Saint. This year, the Treasure Hunt will be based in Borehamwood at the Ibis London Elstree Hotel on Elstree Way, just a stone’s throw from Elstree Studios where The Avengers and many of the ITC series were made.

    The Avengers Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt splits into two parts over the weekend and kicks off on Saturday morning with the treasure hunt itself. This takes the format of the car rally/treasure hunt seen in Dead Man’s Treasure: in teams of two, three or four, participants travel by car to various filming locations to solve clues, answer riddles and collect items of treasure. The hunt is expected to conclude mid-afternoon and will be followed by adjudication and prize-giving on Saturday evening at Mill Hill Golf Club, seen in The Avengers episode The Thirteenth Hole. Sunday comprises a mystery bus tour of locations used in the filming of The Avengers and other series, including venues where public access is not normally permitted. At the end of the tour, the bus will return attendees to the Ibis Hotel in Borehamwood in the late afternoon.

    Special Guest: stuntman Paul Weston who appeared in Dead Man’s Treasure.

    All the above text by Chris Bentley and adapted from the flyer for this year’s event.

    For my part I started this event many years ago and Anthony McKay who regularly attends here ran it very successfully for quite a number of years. I’ve never mentioned the event here before, but gone on and on and on about it on other sites.

    This year’s Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt will take place on the Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th July and be based in Borehamwood. There are several places left, but the close of registration is May 30th. If you are interested send me a PM here on the site as soon as possible together with your email address so I can get Chris Bentley or Annette Hill to send you the registration form and full details.

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    Good luck on the event sounds fun.


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      I've been on it a couple of times and it was great fun, even though we always came last!


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        Having actually managed to win the Treasure Hunt a couple of times in the past and set the thing three or four times, my days of running around at breakneck speed answering cryptic clues and emptying litter bins for items of treasure (such as a used bus ticket) have gone. Although some of the teams are still very competitive, I drive around now with friends and enjoy their company and visiting some Avengers filming locations and do not get stressed out by this in the least. After all it’s all about having fun.

        Over the years we must have visited almost every major Avengers and New Avengers filming location, plus several only used in the various ITC series filmed during the sixties and seventies.


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          Originally posted by tv horror View Post
          Good luck on the event sounds fun.
          tv horror

          Thanks, although as explained in the previous posting, the only way I'll win the actual tresure hunt is if everyone else's vehicle breakdown. Still it's more of a social event now for me, as I have made a huge amount of friends from people who have simply turned up at the event over the years and most of them I do not see again until the following year.


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            As you have visited most if not all of the locations, I would be interested to know your "top three" places to visit.


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              Thanks for asking the question and sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to you. The answer is no, I have not visited all the locations used in The Avengers, though I have visited most of them. During the time I have been visiting Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and central London, I think I have managed to see just about all the main locations. The big outstanding one that I or anyone else has been allowed to visit is Hilfield Castle, near Elstree, as seen in Too Many Christmas Trees and episodes of The Baron and Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. Many years ago Tony McKay discovered the location, but since then various requests to the old owner to allow us to visit on the Treasure Hunt location tour were flatly refused. Some years back it was brought to the attention of the Treasure Hunt organisers that the property had been sold and hopeful of success a new approach was made. However, the new owner’s views regarding anyone visiting and taking a few photographs were exactly the same at the old owner and so this remains as the one main outstanding Avengers location that we have never visited on the Treasure Hunt.

              My favourite three locations is a tricky one. I’ll not include visiting the actual studios, such as Elstree, BBC Elstree and Pinewood, which we have done on a number of occasions. Okay then in particular order… I‘d have to go for the location that apart from the studio was used the most in The Avengers and that is the red brick bridge at Tykes Water Lake, in Aldenham Park, Elstree, which I located in September 1986 by using an ordinance survey map. This is on private property and so there is a trespass element, though we do receive permission from the land owner for the official Treasure Hunt tour. Besides Linda Thorson running along it during the opening titles of the last season, it also appeared in Two’s a Crowd, The Hour That Never Was, Silent Dust, Honey for the Prince, You Have Just Been Murdered and They Keep Killing Steed, with the lake and surrounding fields and woodland featuring in various other episodes.

              I also have a liking for the two triangles of grass where the road junctions of Harris Lane/Rectory Lane/Mimms Lane in the village of Shenley, as seen in A Touch of Brimstone, Escape in Time, The See-Through Man, Something Nasty in the Nursery, Dead Man’s Treasure, Murdersville, False Witness, Legacy of Death and Stay Tuned. This was the first Avengers location I ever found and again it was achieved with an ordinance survey map, long before the internet and Google Maps. The nearby Shenley Hall was where the treasure hunt began in the episode Dead Man’s Treasure and it’s also where the annual treasure hunt part of the event starts thanks to the company who own the property and grounds allowing us to do that. However, the hall exterior has undergone some restoration since the sixties and the original driveways are both unused now, with a new entrance and drive having been constructed some years ago.

              My third choice is several choices and these are the various villages in the Hertsmere district where filming used to take place for the series, though I’d have to say that mainly Letchmore Heath and if you’re willing to travel out further Aldbury (aka Murdersville) look virtually the same as they did in the sixties and conjure up the feeling of the mythical Avengerland better than any others. Although some of the other villages in the area such as Ridge, Shenley and Aldenham are worth a visit too.