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    Does anyone know where The Ghost of Greville Lodge was shot? A big old house, grounds, paths and a lake. Nice film by the way, made by Renown and Magic Box. Very atmospheric, nice story, great performances from Prunella Scales, George Cole, Jon Newman and supporting cast. Where is it?

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    I haven't seen this film, but it sounds like one I must put on my "to watch" list. Judge, the IMDB list it as Chavenage House in Gloucestershire - whether that's right or not I couldn't say.


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      Thanks for that, Carl, I'll check it out if I can. I don't always take IMDB as infallible, but it sounds very likely. Yes, it's a lovely film. I spoke to Renown and they say it will be repeated soon on Talking Pictures, but you may be able to find a used DVD on the usual market websites. I saw one on e-bay for a massive price, about £70.00 I made a copy of it first time round, but stripping the ads out was difficult, and as I said before, the Talking Pictures ident is more intrusive than most. The original Renown DVD sold out long ago and it has not been re-recorded. Don't know what else the other cast have done - Jon Newman, Billy Smith, Rebecca Weekes etc. but all superb performances. I can't help thinking that if I'd had the decision I would have gone for "The Mystery of...." or "The Enigma of..." almost anything except the stark "The Ghost of..." but there may have been reasons for that (eg copyright). Great casting of George Cole in a very serious role, very atmospheric but not scary in the ghostly sense, great direction. Well worth 80 minutes or so.


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        I had a quick look on Amazon and they currently have a DVD of this film for around the £30 mark (probably used). I'll try and catch it on Talking Pictures, so thanks for the information. It would be interesting to see George Cole in a late role as I have seen numerous films from his younger years, but off the top of my head I can't recall seeing anything he's appeared in since the Minder series on ITV.
        You're right about IMDB, it's a great guide but you can't always take everything as gospel.


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          I'm sure it's right about the place being the location, but the odd thing is that their website gives a list of the films and TV it has featured in...but the list does NOT include The Ghost of Greville Lodge. The mystery deepens.
          By the way I have a home-made DVD of the movie, and you are welcome to a free copy, saving a few bob, if you just want to see the movie, rather than have an official copy for a collection. Send me a Message with an address of your choice and I'll happily pop one in the post.


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            You're right, that is strange. I looked at their website myself and, as you say, no mention whatsoever. I would have thought they'd be proud to mention their association with the film, but it may well be another property that was used instead of Chavenage.

            Judge, that's a very generous offer regarding the DVD and I'm very grateful to you. I've sent you a PM.
            Many thanks.