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The Wrecker (1928)

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  • The Wrecker (1928)

    I suppose this could have a SW1 feel to it.

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    Well after that seemingly 'easy' looking one here's an even tougher looking pair. They are presented as being in Westminster but could be anywhere .


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      The building was built by Cambrian Landray Ltd and upon take over by the LGOC (London General Omnibus company) in 1926 were used as the private hire department. The building was in Waterworks Road, Brixton., (Garage code BT for those who really want to know) when London Transport was formed in 1933 the garage came under the operation of the country bus department (used for Private hire and Green line coaches). All the vehicles shown were part of the LGOC private hire department.


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        bobsterkent - many thanks for that and as a bus spotter back in the 1960s I should have remembered that BT was the garage code. However what is equally stunning, I mean apart from your knowing the location, is that the buildings shown are still there! Here's a shot from google/maps.


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          It was juts a case of looking it up in the appropriate book, in this case the book was London Transport Garages by Ken Glazier. It has a picture in there of the garage in use., but yes its so amazing that the building still survives


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              bobsterkent - I have some London Transport material here but not the book you mentioned.

              Rick C - Many thanks for pointing out the photograph in the LT collection.

              Keeping it in the transport mode we have these:-

              On the reelstreets site these are said to show aspects of London Bridge Station but I can't find any photographs showing anything like these views. Can anyone help?


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                Hi Chris, Go on Google, type in "Vintage Pictures of Tube Stations", look at the 6th photo near the end on the 1st line of photos.

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              Looking at it i'd say London Bridge, its the old 'hop picker special' platforms that used to exist platforms 7&8. These were lower than the through platforms (to Cannon Street and Charing Cross) and always outside the main terminal platforms (Brighton side) when I was going through London Bridge in the early 1980's they were used for the diesel services to allow the exhaust to vent away.


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                Clive T: Many thanks for pointing out the photograph and for leading me to some other interesting images.

                bobsterkent: Many thanks for your observations.