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Booby Trap (1957)

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  • Booby Trap (1957)

    This film is full of pretty easy to spot locations except for this little group.

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    With No.3, are we in the shadow of St.Mary's Church Paddington on the left?


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      I'm looking around Sussex Gardens and Lancaster Gate, but no luck so far. The buildings are the right kind of size, there are trees and non-right-angle junctions, but I'm just not finding it.

      Do the three views link together? Are any of them from one continuous shot?

      I see this is on YouTube (incomplete with modern music over-dubbed). What are the times for the shots?
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        Many thanks for the effort thus far. My memory is that the views are all part of a chase sequence which is fairly late in the film.


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          The Youtube version doesn't get that far. It only runs for 50 minutes, but those included some stuff around Saville Row that caught my eye. None of those pictures above.


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            The first pic is Stanley Crescent coming towards Kensington Park Gardens W11. The second two are Stanley crescent going the opposite way towards Ladbroke Gardens W11


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              Bravo!! Another excellent piece of detective work. Outstanding.


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                Sandgrounder - Well done once again, excellent work.