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Otley (1969)

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  • Otley (1969)

    I’m trying to sort some filming locations for that brilliant movie Otley.

    I’m aware that there is an extensive thread on the old site for this, although quite a lot of the photographs have been deleted, but cross checking with Reel Streets gives me most of what I require, but there are three locations that I’ve not been able to identify.

    Unfortunately, I’ve managed to kill the disc drive on my laptop and so I’ve had to resort to using an exterior one and this does not play Blu-rays, hence, for once I am unable to provide any visual assistance as I usually do.

    Perhaps someone else here will be able to assist with that?

    The locations are…

    1 The London square used as an establishing shot for Otley staying in the upmarket hotel when he is undercover for British Intelligence. This could be the southern end of Park Lane, with Achilles Way.

    2 The day for night sequence where the motor coaches were parked. I have seen someone suggest that this could have been Battersea Coach Park, but as this area has been redeveloped it could be extremely difficult to identify.

    3 Grove Farm, which was the home of the assassin Johnston played by Leonard Rossiter. According to Dick Clement’s commentary on the Blu-ray, this was within five miles of Shepperton Studios, but as yet I have been unable to locate it.

    As always any assistance in locating these film locations will be gratefully accepted.

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    The coach park does look very similar to the one seen in an episode of The Sweeney (Stoppo Driver, IIRC) which Sweeneyphiles identified as Battersea.

    I'll have a look for the London hotel square scene and see if I recognise it.


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      Many thanks for coming back on this and I look forward to you identifying the London square.


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        What time frame is the square at as i cant find it


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          Thanks for showing interest.

          If you take a look at the film on You Tube, it is a very brief establishing shot at 1 hour 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

          It appears between the scene set inside The Playboy Club featuring Tom Courtenay and Freddie Jones and the morning scene inside Otley’s room in the upmarket hotel featuring Tom Courtenay and Romy Schneider.

          Perhaps my description of a square was not that accurate, I perhaps should have said a square road layout.


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            Well thats the view from The Hilton on Park Lane looking out at Park Lane you can see the back of Apsley House on the left
            the statue is of Byron sitting
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                Brilliant mate, many thanks for pinpointing this.

                Any takers on finding Leonard Rossiter's farm near Shepperton Studios?


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                  I've been looking at Otley again and going through the various filming location that appear when the title character takes his driving test, but there are a couple of places in Notting Hill that appear to have been redeveloped. I think that the first one should be/have been somewhere around the Sirdar Road/and Stoneleigh Place area. The second appears to have gone, as I am able to see the block of flats in the background, although not from the exact angle.

                  As usual any assistance will be gratefully accepted.

                  I think that DocRobPepper, AlanF and Mariocki may have located these on the old board.



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                    Alan F had a real talent for finding obscure locations.


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                      Ansleigh Place W11 turning right into Stonleigh Place and then Ansleigh Place W11 turning left into Stonleigh Place
                      looks like only one of the blocks had been built
                      Last edited by DocRobertPepper; 14th September 2018, 08:40 PM.


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                        Originally posted by alan gowdy View Post
                        Alan F had a real talent for finding obscure locations.

                        Yes, Aas you point out AlanF was very good at identifying unknown locations, but he did not come across to the new forum. Likewise various others who regularly contributed to the location inquires, such as RobBeer and Remy.


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                          Originally posted by DocRobertPepper View Post
                          Ansleigh Place W11 turning right into Stonleigh Place and then Ansleigh Place W11 turning left into Stonleigh Place
                          looks like only one of the blocks had been built

                          Absolutely brilliant, many thanks once again. There has been a lot of redevelopment here as one side of Ansleigh Place is completely different, as are the buildings in Stoneleigh Place and as you pointed out, just the one block of flats back then, where there are two now.