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Turtle Diary (1985)

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  • Turtle Diary (1985)

    The soundtrack suggests that this terrace is near an open air Underground line while the terrace faces onto a park. With the Underground in mind I thought it could be Chiswick Common and then Ravenscourt Park and finally Eel Brook Common but I couldn't get anything to fit. That exahusted my ideas. Perhaps it's nowhere near the Underground.

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    Could be as far as Richmond, or even South London - there must be thousands of terraces like that in London. And it could be that the terrace in the first two photos isnt the house in the third.

    I just looked at the IMDB entry for the film, and it mentions scenes in London Zoo. If you wanted to keep the production tight, you might use the area around Regents Park, which means the park could could be Primrose Hill, Paddington Rec and even up to Queens Park (I used to live there, so that terrace could there or Tiverton Green). Frankly, it could be Fortune Green, or even Kensal Green.

    I know its unlikely to be Paddington Old Cemetery , because I used to live in a vicarage which backed onto it, but it could anywhere. I just found myself checking out streetview, which is a worry, because I have never even seen the film and I understand its never been released on DVD! You just want to find it....


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      Try Favart Road SW6 opposite Eel Brook Common.


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        Sandgrounder - many thanks for that . I can't think what possessed me to look at only the north side of Eel Brook Common, I really can't.

        Bonekicker - thanks too for your observations.


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          I wasnt much help, but by the looks of it Sandgrounder is spot on - wow!