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Jubilee (1978)

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  • Jubilee (1978)

    I must presume that this is in London but it's not one of 13 the 'Kebab House' [that's the actual name] restaurants listed in the 1977 Kelly Street Directory. And what is that across the street a church, a power station or what?

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    Sorry Christopher, but your image is not showing. Photobucket's new policy has thrown everything under a bus. Some are calling it a "ransomware attack", but I'm thinking of it as a "Photo Hostage Site".

    You could upload directly to this site, which is now possile - except this will eat away at the storage allocated to the forums and at some point this will be a burden.


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      Thanks for all that StoneAgeMan for I was totally unaware of any changes with Photobucket but if I don't have to use it again that would be great for I've always found it a nightmare to use. You say I can load the picture directly so here goes:-

      Well it worked!


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        Originally posted by Christopher Matheson View Post
        And what is that across the street a church, a power station or what?
        It could be an old Brewery?


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          My guess for the building, would be a convent. A churchy place but with high walls and no-one looking in from outside.


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            The 'church' building looks very much like the RC Church on the corner of Dockhead & Jamaica Road, SE1??


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              CliveT you are spot on with that - many thanks.


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                Brilliant spotting CliveT! How did you get it?


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                  I took a peek at "Reelstreets" and noted that frame #27 location was Mill/Jamaica Rd, SE1, and that particular frame shows a café/kebab type building. So, then it was a question of looking for a church-like building in that same area!.


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                    Thanks, I wondered if you knew the street.