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    I was wondering whether this (depressing) 1947 weepie is the only British movie completely centred on a piece of music (Dream of Olwen). Also, no doubt many of you will know more about Dryhurst Productions, apparently a British production company I never heard of before. Wonderful piece of music, shame about the film.

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    Well, maybe not centred on it, but Dangerous Moonlight (1941) is certainly dominated by Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto and this started a bit of a vogue in British films to have piano music heavily featured, The Seventh Veil (1945) for example.


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      The US also had the same vogue.

      'Appassionata' in 1944 used Beethoven's "Appassionata'

      'Humoresque in 1946 with Joan Crawford and John Garfield doing Dvorák's 'Humoresque'

      'The Story of Three Loves' in 1953 had James Mason playing one of Rachmaninoff's 'Rhapsodies On a Theme of Paganini'


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        I have a vague memory that my favourite piece of classical music - Capriccio Espagnol by Nikolai Andreivitch Rimsky-Korsakov - was used heavily in 1935's The Devil Is A Woman but Wikiwoo says it is only used "during the opening credits and as the Spanish Carnaval background music". But still, was great to hear it!


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          and also Liszts 'Suspiria' is heavily resourced for danielle Amphitereof's music for Letter from an Unknown Woman (Max ophuls starring Louis Jordan and Joan Fontaine) It works perfectly however so no quibbles there.