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    Originally posted by garth View Post

    Not surprising, given Die Another Day is an awful title. I thought it must have been generated by computer when I first heard of it.
    Die Another Day by Madonna sounds like a very cheap production imo but cost quite a bit to make I bet.

    On a side note, I much preferred the Die Another Day film than Skycrap and QoC to the fact I have watched Die Another Day more times than those other two (Skycrap and QoC were only watched once and that was enough for me ) not a lot would agree me with on that but ech to their own I guess.

    Also had some great nods to previous Bond films because of the franchises 40th anniversary.

    Die Another Day was the highest grossing James Bond film until the release of Casino Royale. It earned $432 million worldwide, becoming the sixth highest-grossing film of 2002


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      If you don't watch QI, you'll have missed this bit about Monty Norman and the James Bond theme, so here it is (from about 14:45).
      Quite interesting, as the name of the show suggests.


      • agutterfan
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        I saw that too. Do you get the BBC in Madrid or are you visiting here?

      • Seaton
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        I must watch it on YouTube. I think there are proxies or something I could use, but I'm technologically useless. I haven't been back to the UK for 18 months. Missing it a lot, to be honest.

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      Staggered to find Thunderball in such a lowly position!
      One of the definitive Bond themes, alongside Diamonds Are Forever and From Russia With Love.


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        Here's an interesting (end of film song) that was rejected by director Michael Apted.