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Sixties James Bond Soundtracks on CD

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  • Sixties James Bond Soundtracks on CD

    I have been looking at the soundtracks to the sixties James Bond films on CD and after doing some research I find that I am unable to locate any British released versions at all. The examples I have come across are usually American releases, which were freely available here in the UK.

    I have trawled through both Amazon UK and USA noting dates and Soundtrack Collector, which lists releases for various countries. Further to this I have also consulted Jon Burlingam’s reference book The Music of James Bond, but he only lists the most recent CD releases and fails to indicate their country of origin.

    Is anybody aware of British issues CD soundtracks for Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

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    I had a look on Discogs and came up with this for Dr. No


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      Discogs is very good site: From Russia With Love:, Goldfinger etc.


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        My Bond CD's are all in boxes in the garage, because I have ripped the lot to MP3, but looking at Amazon, the ones I would have bought back in the 2000's or before would have been issued by EMI. This Moonraker CD from 1995 is the same as I have, and was certainly issued by EMI. Later ones, such as this one from 2003, were apparently issued by EMI/Capital, although the remastered Dr No, from the same year, is still listened as being from EMI.

        Nicks reference to Discogs (SoundtrackCollector brings up a similar but even longer list) shows how the ownership of the rights has changed. For Dr No, the soundtrack rights were owned from 1962 by United Artists, because they owned a record label as well as being the studio/distributor. That stopped in 1978, when the label got sold off, (to EMI) and then in 1981, UA itself was sold to MGM. In 1984, Liberty Records started releasing versions in Japan, and 1987 in the UK, Capital did the same in the US in 1991, this time on CD, and EMI did so in Spain in 1993.

        Thats important, and explains the confusion between UK and US releases. Liberty Records was owned by EMI. from 1978 until 2102, and Capitol Records was the US subsidiary of EMI from 1955 until 2012. In 2012. EMI (which had a bit of a problem with over expansion and huge debt) itself was essentially broken up in 2012, and the bits we are interested in ended up being owned by Universal.

        So essentially, the UK or US version are the same, and is just issued under the Capitol label in both countries, because its the same parent company (Universal) , and therefore they have decided to use just that one label for both. And thats pretty much the same as it was from 1978, when EMI took over the rights to publish from UA Records. Its simply pass the parcel, under various names, which has been reduced to just one.

        I notice that the first CD release of From Russia With Love from Liberty Records in the US has exactly the same sixties artwork as the EMI version - which is no surprise!
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          Thanks for pointing me in the right direction of Discogs as looking here has made various things clear that Soundtrack Collector did not. Namely, that the releases (or at least some of them) on EMI Manhattan and EMI Capitol were actually European releases, including the UK. If I look closely at some of my Bond soundtrack CDs on the EMI Capitol label the small lettering around the edge of the disc states, made in EU. This is then followed by the three letter Bel, possibly suggesting Belgium.


          Thanks for the history and background on EMI and the various labels and companies who have released Bond soundtracks in the past.


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            I didnt get a chance to check the actual discs, but I wouldnt be surprised if mine had a mark saying it was made in the EU as well - certainly some of these releases are made for the EU market, rather than just the UK one.

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          The Bond soundtracks on CD were rereleased in 2003 by EMI/Capitol. Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever and Live and Let Die were significantly expanded and are in some cases complete. All should be relatively easy to find.