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Imdb has gone black and red

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    I know that IMDb has been showing me details on each film for whether they are available on disc or Amazon Instant View... the odd thing about your example, is that "Iron Fist" is a Netflix show.


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      Yes that got me thinking too and I don't like to think it hurts my head.


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        Had a similar thing yesterday, but put it down the film it was plugging, can't remember what it was though.

        Not had the same since.


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          It was a bad bug that seems to have stemmed from them trying to display an advert for The Iron Fist on the background of some pages such as the main cast page and the trivia/goofs pages. IMDB really excelled themselves because: a) red on black is a combination that renders the text almost invisible for sufferers of red-green colour blindness (there were complaints on the IMDB Get Satisfaction forum about this); b) the text on the trivia/goofs pages was either completely or very nearly invisible, depending on the alternating white or light grey background for each entry; c) not only did the developers make this mistake but someone in authority must have signed it off; d) they fixed it but the following day it was back again, so they made the same mistake twice.

          I wouldn't like to have been the person at IMDB who signed-off the modifications to say "these are fit for general release" or the person who managed the test team.

          There were a lot of very scathing comments (quite a number from me!) along the lines of "if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it" and "keep your tinkering hands off".

          If it happens again, try highlighting invisible text by dragging your mouse (with the left button pressed) over the text: it displays the pale grey text against a dark background, so making it visible.