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    The last two for now:

    Volume 536 Number 2834

    January 25, 1962

    Volume 540 Number 2849

    May 10, 1962
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      I hope to have five editions more sent from the UK soon - but in the mean time I'd encourage anyone with the odd copy of Kine, a scanner and some free time to have a go at posting it to

      A few simple steps:

      Scan - 300dpi image files

      Edit - pages right way up, one page per image, trim images so each represents a single page

      Name - name the files with consecutive numbers in page order e.g. Kine Weekly1234_01, Kine Weekly1234_02, etc. etc.

      Zip - Save your folder of images as a ZIP folder - with "_images" in the name e.g. "KineWeekly1234_images".

      Publish - Upload and add information about the magazine as prompted.

      If you need a practice or two - if you click the 'trial' option during upload of the magazine, it uploads but is erased after 30 days.

      Everything else is done automatically by the site - and the bonus is that you get a searchable PDF of your magazine, which you can download - very useful.
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        I've just been sent the last preliminary scan of the volume of Kine Studio Supplements - 555 pages in total spanning July 1946 to December 1952.

        It is going to take a while to get the pages nicely reproduced due to the binding - but when finished it will be a treasure trove of images and information of the post-war period.

        One of the last articles looks forward to 1953 - despite no films being made at seven British studios in 1952, the tone is positive with the introduction of colour, investment in British production by American companies and the Eady Levy all giving cause for optimism.

        It might be a few months before it is ready, but I should also be able to post some more Kine Weeklies before then.
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