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IMDb has no trivia or user review section this morning

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  • IMDb has no trivia or user review section this morning

    I went on to the site this morning to look at the reviews for two films,only there was none and no trivia.Do other people have the same experience and does anyone know why they have been turned off?

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    I checked Alien (1979) and The Towering Inferno, both had trivia intact, but no user reviews.


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      It seems to be working OK now. I just quickly checked "Zulu" & all trivia & reviews were shown!


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        Rechecked Towering Inferno, there are critic reviews and user ratings, but no user reviews. Looking up a less well-known film, Radio On(1979), again there are critic reviews (links to professional sites, etc.) But "User reviews" is grey. Looked up a few more films and the pattern was the same, links to reviews, but none from users stored on the site itself. This sounds like a way of cutting down on storage... a lot like when IMDb removed the discussion section. Each movie used to allow a discussion section where trivia and burning questions could be tackled by the enthusiastic users and admins. All the (sometimes brilliant) conversations were dumped and the replacement platform was totally unfit for purpose. Ruined a very entertaining part of IMDb.

        Zulu(1964) also follows the same pattern. In the subsection titled Opinion, there are categories of;
        User Reviews
        User Ratings
        External Reviews
        Metacritic Reviews

        and User Reviews has been greyed out.
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          I've just been reading a few reviews of Zulu & there are 262 user reviews!

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        They seem to be back again, like for A Matter of Life and Death at
        or for The Red Shoes at



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          Yes, I see the reviews now.


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