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    I spent the weekend browsing the Alamy collection using a site-specific Google search rather than the Alamy's own search and was amazed at the images available - many behind-the scenes shots which give wonderful insight into the production of certain films.
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    My experience with Alamy is that all their pictures are watermarked, which is why I never use them.


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      Originally posted by agutterfan View Post
      My experience with Alamy is that all their pictures are watermarked, which is why I never use them.
      If you can look past the watermarks - this is a tremendous resource - the 'Brighton Rock' collection alone contains a number of set reference photos, some marvellous images of the Welwyn Studios buildings and a number of photos of William Hartnell as you've probably never seen him before.
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        Have you uses this search to see what Alamy have for the classic sixties ITC shows?


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          Originally posted by Mikey View Post

          Have you uses this search to see what Alamy have for the classic sixties ITC shows?
          Nothing much at all on the ITC shows or ITC financed films. Rex/Shutterstock is the place to find those.

          Other than the extensive coverage of a number of Ealing films the well represented films seem to be from the EMI side of the EMI-MGM distribution deal.

          I've probably filtered through 70K images so far to get 23K film images.


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            Is it just a case of putting the film title and Alamy into a Google Image search? When I try it I only get 43 images for Villain and some of those click through to something entirely different


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              The trick is to find the code number for the photo from the Google search then substitute it for the code of an Alamy image that works.

              In this example all you need do is change the code at the end - nothing else just the last bit.




              206 from 'Villain' so far - I've got a spreadsheet that generates possible file names and I go through them one by one.

              The law of diminishing returns is kicking in after a week of searching - there are still some nice surprises but they are taking longer to find.

              If anyone is interested I can stick all the direct links to the film images into a spreadsheet when I'm done.

              PS. To save time, if you go looking - the codes do not use the characters "I" "L" "O" "Q" "S" "U" "V" or "Z"
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            Direct links would be appreciated - thanks.


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              Here is a list of the films and number of photos of films that have more than 50 images - the more recent the film the more the collections tend to be typical publicity shots - the older material, particularly the Ealing films, are more of a record of the production process.

              Aces High 128
              Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 347
              Alfie Darling 195
              All Creatures Great and Small 83
              Amorous Prawn 134
              Angels One Five 442
              Another Shore 197
              Arabian Adventure 372
              Bargee 175
              Barnacle Bill 335
              Baxter 112
              Beast Must Die 192
              Best of Benny Hill 84
              Billy Liar 282

              Blood from the Mummys Tomb 56
              Breaking of Bumbo 439
              Brighton Rock 712
              Captive Heart 190
              Carry On.. 358
              Cracksman (The) 361
              Davy 292
              Devil Rides Out (The) 52
              Doctor Who and the Daleks 335
              Doctor Who Daleks Invasion Earth 175
              Dont Look Now 181
              Dunkirk 54
              Elephant Man (The) 205
              Endless Night 326
              Evil Under the Sun 281
              Eyewitness 382
              Far form the Madding Crowd 169
              Fear is the Key 95
              Flash Gordon 112
              For Better or Worse 408
              Frankenstein Created Woman 139
              Great St Trinians Train Robbery 447
              Guns of Darkness 282
              Hasty Heart (The) 425
              Heavens Above 154
              Henry VIII and His Eight Wives 209
              Here Comes the Sun 124
              Hoffman 68
              Holiday on the Buses 112
              Hue and Cry 142
              I Was Montys Double 259
              Ice Cold in Alex 463
              Its Great to be Young 238
              Just for You 84
              Kind Hearts and Coronets 301
              Konga 66
              L Shaped Room (The) 280
              Lady Caroline Lamb 682
              Ladykillers 298
              Laughter in Paradise 272
              Lavender Hill Mob 99
              Let’s Be Happy 644
              Long, the Short and the Tall 304
              Loot 143
              Lost Continent 167
              Love Lottery 200
              Lovers 143
              Lust for a Vampire 83
              Madhouse 100
              Maggie (The) 235
              Magic Box (The)414
              Magnet (The) 142
              Man About the House 305
              Man from Morocco 136
              Man in the Sky 252
              Man in the White Suit (The) 146
              Man Who Fell to Earth (The) 117
              Man Who Haunted Himself (The) 314
              Meet Mr Lucifer 105
              Melody 100
              Mirror Cracked (The) 286
              Moonraker (1958) 456
              Morgan a Suitable Case for Treatment 379
              Mr 10 Percent 215
              Mummys Shroud 49
              My Learned Friend 85
              Nanny (The) 66
              Night My Number Came Up (The) 245
              Night of the Eagle (The) 160
              Night we got the Bird (The)126
              No Trees in Our Street 482
              One Million Years BC 87
              Passport to Pimlico 234
              Peeping Tom 239
              Percy 245
              Playboy of the Western World 95
              Raging Moon 121
              Railway Children (The) 196
              Reptile (The) 172
              Rotten to the Core 363
              Run for Your Money 185
              Sammy Going South 209
              Scars of Dracula (The) 79
              Secret People 55
              Shalako 59
              She 116
              Ship That Died of Shame (The) 283
              Shiralee (The) 142
              Some Will, Some Won't 124
              Sparrows Cant Sing 519
              ....St Trinians 138
              Steptoe and Son 158
              Straight on Til Morning 79
              Summer Holiday 536
              That’ll Be the Day 80
              The 14 (Existence) 103
              Third Man (The) 149
              Titfield Thunderbolt (The) 269
              To the Devil a Daughter 112
              Treasure Island (1972) 73
              Troubled Waters 77
              Twice Round the Daffodils 232
              Up Pompeii! 189
              Villain 206
              Warlords of Atlantis 319
              Who Done It 330
              Whiskey Galore! 323
              Wonderful Life 628
              Young Wives Tales 326

              If there are any films of particular interest let me know and I'll generate a list of links for each photo.
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                I've just noticed that a lot of the images hidden in the Alamy site are visible at