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    Network On Air, who specialise in releasing classic and old ITV programmes, is starting a streaming service, beginning with ABC Network Collection, see

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    I would like Dial 999 on DVD, i am not interested in streaming though, it's time limited, i want to watch at leisure.


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        Use a VPN

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      Originally posted by philly View Post
      I would like Dial 999 on DVD, i am not interested in streaming though, it's time limited, i want to watch at leisure.


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        Originally posted by Gerald Lovell View Post

        A friend was after 'Dial 999' as well so he spent the weekend making sure that he had the ability to 'watch at his leisure.'

        VPN - Mozilla VPN currently being trialed in New Zealand - a lot easier to use than previous VPN services he has used. $5.00 a month.

        Logitech Capture - free camera/screen capture software - surprisingly easy to set up and use - 'ALT R' will start/stop recording anything on screen - e.g. streaming content on full screen view.

        Resulting recordings at 24 fps were quite acceptable he says.

        After watching a few episodes myself, I noticed that there was a tendency for the sound to lag and get out of sync when there were buffering issues - solved by stopping, going back a bit and restarting. I've got throttled copper wire internet - so it may not be an issue for others with higher bandwidth.
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          Its a good idea for them to get into this market.
          its the material that costs, but distributing media on a physical disc, sending it via a distributor to ultimately a customer all reduces margin, even if you buy it from them directly, they have to send it to you, and of course there is the cost of tha actual disc, etc.

          For some of Networks catalogue, thats fine. But the amount of people willing to shell out for a physical copy of some relatively little known ITV series from the 60s, etc must be limited. With streaming, its instant, no packaging or excess stock, and you can see exactly who your audience is.

          i get that its time limited, but essentially, you get it for a month. If you really want to keep it, then you can buy a physical copy.

          When i rent a film from Amazon Prime, its for a week. Thats fine if I want to see a new film. If its one I really want to keep, I can purchase it digitally, or obviously on DVD or Blu ray.

          The reality is that every new TV is smart. And an ever increasing part of what people watch is streamed, rather than watched live or recorded, or bought on disc. Lockdown has increased still more that demand, and its sensible that thye are now offering this service as well as other ways of purchasing product.