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Help with misremembered character in the novel "Lucky Jim"?

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  • Help with misremembered character in the novel "Lucky Jim"?

    I recently re-read Kingsley Amis' Lucky Jim. I remembered that Bertrand had an irritating habit (among many) of snapping his mouth shut at the end of a declaration, so making an 'm' sound, much to Jim's annoyance ("I happen to like the arts, you sam" - instead of "you see") ...


    I was also sure that he 'capitalised' words as he spoke. That is, you could 'hear' him saying something like "my opinion of Art and Culture is Mine Alone, and no-one else's" (ot something), and towards the end of the book, his capitals are all over the shop as he gets more and more flustered ...

    So if that's not in Lucky Jim (and it's not) then where did I read it?

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    Yes it seems to be Bertrand from this link:


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      Thanks tv horror, but that link only deals with the first bit (the "m" at the end). What I was confused about was the audible capitalisation. Unless I missed it in the link? But I only read the book a couple of weeks ago and it definitely wasn't there.