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  • King of Jazz

    This is a coffee table book.However it is full of great illustrations and is well worth the price.The restored version of the film is about to be released on DVD by Criterion

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    Hi Orpheum,

    No link attached in your post but I assume you mean this highly regarded book, which is weighty in kgs (1.5) and price (£48)?

    And the Blu Ray/DVD release from Criterion, release date of 27/03/18 which is packed with added features :

    Will be great to see a landmark (but under-appreciated) musical film like this relaunched with a 4K blu ray print.
    The cover of the Blu ray reminds us of how like Oliver Hardy Paul Whiteman was.
    In the 1930 film "Below Zero", where Laurel and Hardy are street musicians playing in the snow, a woman opens an upstairs window and asks "Mister Whiteman" (Oliver Hardy) "How much do you buys make per street"? Hardy says "About 50 cents", to which she replies "There's a dollar - move down a couple of streets"!


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      Although I have a copy of the print screened by the BBC many years ago.I would like a copy,but am not going to buy it from the States otherwise I will get caught for import duty and Royal Mails infamous handling charge.


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        I had a good look on the internet and can only find the blu ray listed on Criterion (shipping ex-USA) and other US shippers only on ebay. I would imagine Amazon UK will also carry it but it would normally be pre-listed there by now. Does anyone know of a UK supplier of this ?