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Terry Scott A Working Biography

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  • Terry Scott A Working Biography

    Basically this is a list of his engagements,with synopsis and cast lists.Very little personal information on him.He is described as difficult,seems more like an egomaniac and a bully.Poorly written,and the author freely admits to errors.If you want my book your welcome to it.

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    It's interesting reading the three Amazon reviews on this. Two of them seem to be honest, while the third looks as if it's been written by the publisher!


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      It's quite heavy going, but I'm persevering (on and off) with my copy. It's a bit of a labour of love by the author - almost an affectionate scrapbook of film, theatre and TV appearances decade by decade. I'm still stuck in his early years with Bill Maynard so the sunny uplands of Terry & June lie way ahead of me yet. As orpheum said, very thin on his background and personal life. What's more it's already being fleshed out with numerous reviews lifted verbatim (but at least acknowledged as such) from Joe Public comments on Amazon etc!