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Robert Donat

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  • Robert Donat

    Just started reading the 1960s blog of this great but I'll fated actor.

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    Ironically, his last words on camera were "We shall not see each other again, I think. Farewell" in THE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS, during the making of which he was very ill. He died shortly after delivering that line in June, 1958, and never saw the completed film.


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      The 1985 biography says 'the asthma weakened him but, in fact, it was discovered he had a brain tumour the size of a duck egg and cerebral thrombosis was certified as the primary cause of death.'


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        It's amazing that, being as seriously ill as that, he managed to act in a film at all.


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          Just finished reading.Rather sad really.He wasn't able to work for much of the fifties.He should have played Willie in Hobson's Choice but was turned down by the insurers.His wife left him,and he was on his own except for his nurse/companion.Died almost broke.Given that he was on a par with Olivier and Richardson anyone know why he was never offered an honour.