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And the Stars spoke back by Frawley Becker

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  • And the Stars spoke back by Frawley Becker

    This book is by a dialogue coach who worked in the sixties.Mainly for Fox when they were making films out of their French office.Some interesting anecdotes.

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    I was very interested to read these ideas from an (unidentified) vocal coach.

    They said—

    "Emotion is carried on vowels, meaning is carried on consonants...

    You should be able to all but whisper on film, and if you're hitting your Ds and Ts then the audience will be able to hear you just fine...

    It's laziness, but primarily it's industrial laziness: actors aren't made to rehearse properly for film anymore, and they're not encouraged (made) to warm up by stage managers and directors/asst directors like they used to be..."