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Seeking The Bubble by Esmond Knight

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  • Seeking The Bubble by Esmond Knight

    Thia interesting autobiog takes us to justafter losing his sight when hit by a shell fired from Bismark at his ship Prince Of Wales.It is though full of interesting stories once you get past the story of his childhood and education,which take up the first 44 out of 168 pages.
    He was under contract to warner Brothers Teddington where he made a few films and met Michael Powell. when he was an assistant director and felt he would go far..
    He talks with awe about his role in the Arsenal Stadium Mystery "
    I would assume that this book was written whilst he was recovering from his wounds.Shame he didnt write a follow up book.

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    It's a great book (autobiography)

    Esmond wrote it while he was recovering in St. Dunstan's. He lost one eye completely & was blinded in the other one when he was too close to a shell fired from the Bismark. He eventually regained some sight in his remaining eye, never enough to see things clearly, but he could make out vague blurry shapes. But that didn't stop him acting. His wife, Nora Swinburne, would describe the scene to him & walk him to his first mark. He had already acted in quite a few films for Michael Powell & Micky encouraged him to continue acting when he left St. Dunstan's

    His uncle, Capt. C.W.R. Knight was the falconer (eagle trainer) in I Know Where I'm Going! and he & Esmond's cousin Jean Knight trained the fox(es) used in Gone to Earth.

    A very interesting man & family.