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Can anyone identify this film book?

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  • Can anyone identify this film book?

    Hi, this is a long shot.

    In 1991, there was a book I saw several times in shops that was out of my price range as a student at the time. It was a book on the history of movies, very heavily illustrated in full colour, had backed. Each movie it featured was given a double page, with a series of numbered stills and each one being given a caption to chronicle the plot. If and Easy Rider were two of the ones I remember in it. Does anyone know what this was?

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    Could it be one of those "1001 Films To See" books?


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      These Chronicle books were popular at the time. This one was published in 1991.


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        Probably not Chronicle of the Movies, which I contributed to. A year-by-year take on events, stars and individual movies, it was supposed to look like a newspaper and the illustrations were b&w. I have a copy.

        However, there was a weekly publication called The Movies, edited by Ann Lloyd for Orbis Publishing. I wrote for this as well and its format was definitely a double-page spread in colour on individual movies as well as themes and directors. They did a series of books and the one you are looking for might be Movies of the Sixties, edited by Ann Lloyd.
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          Thank you, really interesting suggestions. The Movies of the Soxties one could be it, except that in my mind this was a self-contained and more throughout history.