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Quatermass (1979) Filming Locations?

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  • Quatermass (1979) Filming Locations?

    Hi, I wonder would anyone help me to identify these filming locations for the British sci-fi serial Quatermass (1979)? This series was filmed on location in the countryside around Herfordshire (Harefield Grove Estate) and in London. It's most famous scene was filmed at the Old Wembley Stadium before it was demolished and replaced by the new one. Other scenes were filmed at the now gone Southall Gasworks but there's some other locations still not identified in print or online.

    The first photo shows a street either in Clapham or Wandsworth with Battersea Power Station and the now demolished Blue Man Gasometer in the background. The second photo shows a building site and streets that look like there about to be torn down for development. The buildings to the left of the building site look like a 1960/70's flats. So far I've had no luck identifying either of these filming locations. It's possible the second one might be a studio film set but I doubt it. If anyone could shed any light on these filming locations (Where on the Harefield Grove Estate was 'Ringstone Round' and the huge satellite dishes?) or any of the others that feature in this production, I would be most grateful. Thanks.
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    The first image is Milford Street SW8 looking towards Heath Road. The second and 3rd images are Heath Road, approaching Newby Street to the left, number 39 Newby Street is the corner shop.
    The 4th and 5th are going up Newby Street, the block of flats to the left is Rashleigh Court, practically the only building still standing.

    As I said, there's not a lot left, Milford Street has completely gone, one end of Newby Street still remains, but not the end where it meets Heath Road.
    Heath Road is still there but most of the houses seen in the episode are demolished.

    Here's a link to how it looked on an old Ordnance Survey Map:
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      As a comparison, the building with the pointed roof is still there, it's part of the Chuch in Heath Road:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	quat001.png Views:	2 Size:	450.0 KB ID:	38551
      The image is Looking from Newby Road towards Heath Road.
      I can't get the angle right in Google Maps:
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        Hi, Marty. I don't know how to thank you enough for identifying these locations for me. There seems to be little information in print or online about the filming locations for this series, so your information is invaluable.

        All that remains for me know to identify now is the countryside filming locations on the Hatfield Grove Estate in Hertfordshire. As it's a private estate, there's no admittance to the general public but it would be interesting to know where on the estate the filming was done. Using Google aerial maps from above one field looks very much like another. I also imagine the production crew wouldn't have ventured far from Hatfield Hall to film the scenes involving 'Ringstone Round' and Kapp's observatory. The same applies to the country roads/lanes and the scenes on the motorway.

        Recently watching the series I wonder where the car park scenes were filmed? You can see trees in the background, so I'm guessing these scenes were also filmed on the Hatfield Grove Estate.

        Do you know what TV studio would have been used for the interior scenes in Episodes 1 and 4? I'm guessing the now demolished Teddington Studios as that's where Thames Television was based in the 1970's.

        Once again thanks for identifying these filming locations.

        Many thanks

        Mr. Pelham


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          Hi Mrpelham,

          I don't know the exact locations of the countryside scenes, but apparantly they were shot around Harefield and Rickmansworth.
          According to the booklet that was written for the Blu Ray set, the studio used was Harefield Hill, described as a small studio near Pinewood. I think that's probably referring to Harefield Grove Farm, widely used in The Professionals and other TV series as a studio.

          Have a look here:

          The booklet doesn't go into any more detail about locations other than Harefied, Rickmansworth, Wembley of course and Southall Gasworks.

          Hope that helps.


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            An update to what I posted above.

            Have a look at this image of John Mills taken on the set:

            Look at the back of the image and it says they were filming the destruction of Stonehenge at Harefield Studios.


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              Cheers Marty