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Nigel Kneale's The Crunch (1963) Filming location of street?

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  • Nigel Kneale's The Crunch (1963) Filming location of street?

    Hi, I wonder would anyone help me to identify the filming location from Nigel Kneale's The Crunch (1963). According to the booklet given with the DVD, it was filmed on location in Paddington, London but what street?

    At first I thought it was the now demolished Clarendon Crescent, Paddington near St Mary Magdalene Church as the street that features in the drama looks reasonably similar to that one but on closer inspection, the houses in that street don't have the same Victorian features i.e. columns etc.

    In the first screen shot, we can see a building (possibly a church or a school) at the bottom of the street on the left hand side. On the opposite side of the road to the houses is what looks like a building site, presumably the other side of the street had been demolished prior to filming.

    I've tried looking online at churches in the Paddington area of London in an attempt to identify the street but have had no luck so far. It's possible that since filming took place over 50 years ago! The street may have since been demolished. Who knows?

    If anyone could shed any light on this filming locations I would be most grateful. Thanks.

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    Hazelwood Crescent W105DJ, With Our Lady Of The Holy Souls church. all redeveloped apart from the church.


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      I love the puzzles. I love the solutions. But I prefer a little more story to fill out the bit in the middle. Tell us how you found the answer, it makes it more entertaining.


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        Hi, sandgrounder. I don't know how to thank you enough for identifying this location for me. There seems to be little information in print or online about the filming location for this drama, so your information is invaluable.

        Once again thanks for identifying this filming location.

        Many thanks

        Mr. Slaughter


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          I seem to remember this being on the old forum... but I couldn't see it there!

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