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    Stone Age Man - could well be a death valley location, and the jeep points to a US location as well.

    As Nick Dando points poins out, a quick bodge in the studio to make the available Land Rover look slightly more like the jeeep from the nice footage makes perfect sense - this is TV, nobody is going to care that much, etc. Think how many times you have seen stock footage used on a TV programme of an aircraft, only to find that the actual aircraft used with the actors looks totally different. Its TV, money is money.

    so its likely to be post 1955 but pre 1968 film, with evidently a half decent budget, set in the middle east but filmed in the US. certainly not the film i first suggsted, but something with a spy theme, etc.


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      I just had a thought - i bet Berman, or whover wrote that episode, had seen the film that sequence is taken from around the time the aeries was in production.

      its not unknown for relatively low budget productions (and while The Champions isnt that low budget, its evidently from a producer that likes to get the most for his money) to not only reuse footage, etc, but to actively think how to use that footage and so on. Roger Corman famously managed to produce not one but two movies from the same set (lightly redressed) on a regular basis, and apparently three for one production - the last apparently being written and filmed in a couple of days, just to use the sets before they were torn down. And his 1970s films tended to have an exploding helicopter somewhere in them, because that sequence was dramatic and cost a fair amount of money when first shot. The script writer could knock themselves out when it came to the story, as long as that chopper was in there somewhere.

      if anyone has seen the Richard Burton film Raid on Rommel from 1971 and wondred why some of the sequwnces seemed familiar, its because it recycled a lot of footage from the 1968 Rock Hudson film Tobruk (coincidently produced by Roger Cormans brother). So i can well imagine Berman or someone seeing the film at the cinema or on TV and thinking 'we could use would the story go from there?'

      So either we are lokking for a film that came out around 1968 at the cinema, or one released no later than 1963, if it was on TV.


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        My personal favourite re-use of footage is a massive fireball explosion in a refinery-type structure, which I think comes originally from Operation Crossbow, starring George Peppard. It turns up in all sorts of places, often shown in a squeezed-together image that uses the anamorphic widescreen original footage but shown in 4:3.
        There are also a couple of planes exploding on the runway in Tora! Tora! Tora!, which re-explode several times from several different angles within that movie, but also turn up in anything that relates to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 - it's that one where the nose cone comes off the front of the propeller as the taxiing plane crashes into the line of parked aircraft.
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          Raw footage:


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            More raw footage


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              Even more


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                Out of curiosity, who are the people we see in the clip? Are they supposed to be characters from the Champions? I presumed they had dressed some cast members in the same clothes as the people in this mysterious footage.


                • cornershop15
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                  The guy with the Arab headdress seen running is supposed to be Jeremy Brett's character. The stand-ins for Stuart Damon and Alexandra Bastedo rush to his aid after he's been shot and carry him to safety. That all makes sense but not the bearded Arab behind the tree, if the filmmakers are trying to make us believe it's The Bey (Jeremy) hiding from The Champions.

                • Anthony McKay
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                  In the 'The Champions' the guy hiding behind the tree appears to be spying on the Jeep while 'The Bey' is still inside the Jeep with Sharron and Craig. Later 'The Bay' escapes from the Jeep and runs toward what he thinks are political allies hiding in the hills, but they are assassins and he is shot.

                  The guy running from the Jeep looks a lot like the guy who was hiding behind the tree!

                  Then - for some reason these assassins just sit there watching as 'Sharron' and 'Craig' gently pick up the injured Bey, and carry him away. 'Sharron' even takes care to collect 'The Bey's' jacket (which must have been removed while he received first aid) - all supposedly while the assassins sit in the hills watching.
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                Anthony, could you explain what these raw footage clips are? How do they come to be online? Is this some secret repository for useful stock footage?


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                  Could the desert footage come from an obscure sixties Eurospy movie?

                  If so that might explain why no one recognises where it originates from.


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                    Originally posted by StoneAgeMan View Post
                    Anthony, could you explain what these raw footage clips are? How do they come to be online? Is this some secret repository for useful stock footage?
                    This is a link to the 'World Backgrounds' site - there for anyone to explore.


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                      After a week of looking at deserts - a lead!!!

                      All clues seem to lead to 'Sodom - Arad,' Israel.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2021-03-30 085239.jpg Views:	6 Size:	182.3 KB ID:	99652
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                          Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture-00641.jpg Views:	14 Size:	105.7 KB ID:	99656


                          The opening shot is of a mountain called Tzuk Tamrur. It's half-way along the Arad-Sodom road, but there is no Street View coverage.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2021-03-31 113141.jpg
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                            Israel, well who would have thought!?
                            Excellent find. Thanks for rescuing me from Google map Death Valley.


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                              Some extra action in this WB footage - the Jeep comes to a sudden stop, the 'Bey' jumps out and the driver gets out, but does not appear to give chase.

                              In 'The Champions' episode there is a long dialogue scene in the stationary Jeep before the 'Bey' makes a break for freedom.